Live Preview

See what your phone camera is seeing on a scaled down image in your watch

Timer enabled

Want some time getting the whole group in the shot? You can set a timer and you can "feel" the countdown through vibrations on your wrist

Get social

Share your photos on Facebook with the click of a button. You can do so from your watch itself! Your friends no longer wait to see those perfect moments.

Say cheese!
James Bond

Imagine how convenient it will be to take high-resolution photos using your watch!

Low light shot? No problem, you can get a tripod clip and mount your phone on a tripod to prevent hand shake!

Beautiful shots
From every angle

Nest your phone in that difficult angle

With Gear2cam it is easy to take shots even when you cannot see the phone's screen

Enjoy the goodness of an "articulating display". See reflections in the glass, no problem, put a handkerchief over your camera and still see the screen on your watch.

See the demo
Here's a look at what Gear2cam can do!

The video to the left shows a preview of release v1.3

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